Elvezio (“Elvy”) Del Bianco

Director of the Jim Green Foundation

For 25 years he has worked as policy analyst and project manager for provincial and regional governments and in the social economy. As Vancity Credit Union’s Program Manager for Co-operative Partnerships, Elvy currently works on building partnerships and developing projects with community organizations, trade unions, governments, and others to support the creation of co-operative enterprises and realize a stronger co-operative economy. This work is largely informed by the activities of the Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, the world’s most significant co-operative economy and the focus of Vancity’s Co-operative Study Tour, which Elvy has organized since 2008. Elvy has served on the boards of a number of arts organizations and is currently the President of the Neworld Theatre Society. An essayist, Elvy has had works produced by CBC Radio and published, including contributions to World Film Locations: Vancouver (Intellect Books, 2013).

Elvy considered Jim a friend and a confidant; he shared with Jim a love for the arts, the art of politics, the attributes of a perfect public square, Camus, colourful adjectives, and bourbon. Elvy was particularly inspired by Jim’s belief in the city as an inclusive, creative and –ultimately- civic space.