Jim’s Legacy

Jim Green’s work has impacted thousands of Vancouver residents and continues to alter the fabric of the city to this day. These are a few of Jim’s projects which demonstrate a lasting legacy in Vancouver. Selected Projects:

Discussion Questions for Future Housing Activists

How does Jim Green’s record look from the perspective of those who live in the buildings he was involved in developing? How important was his philosophy of affordable housing, with planning led and directed by future residents? And what lessons do today’s housing activists need to pursue to make similar gains today?

Jim Green and Social Housing

Up until his death in February of 2012, Jim tenaciously promoted the inclusion of the marginalized poor, the homeless, artists, and others.

Jim Green’s personal legacy of nearly 1,000 social and affordable housing units in the city’s Downtown Eastside stands as an enduring challenge to today’s housing advocates.

Jim showed the people of Vancouver that community had a voice that must be listened to and included in the dialogue about place and civil society

 – Mauro Vescera, Director at The Jim Green Foundation