Our Projects

We formed the Jim Green Foundation to remember and continue building upon the good work that Jim did during his incredible career, acting as a champion for inclusive development of the arts, education, poverty relief, health, and housing.  – Bob Williams, President and Chair of Jim Green Foundation

Latest Project: 312 Main

The Jim Green Foundation have helped transform the former Vancouver police headquarters into a pivotal resource for economic and social innovation in Vancouver, BC.

Recent Project: 312 Main

Lecture: The Power of the Arts in Creating a Great City – Opportunities in Surrey, BC

Reflections on the 312 Main in Vancouver, BC and new opportunities in Surrey, BC.

Future of Social Innovation

Social innovation is at a cross-roads. How will it embrace and build on the social justice movements of the past? Will we be able to move to action while holding the space for the real conversations that need to happen?

Topic from our 5th Annual Lecture: Watch Here

Jim was a foremost leader and visionary in Vancouver with enduring contributions spanning four decades as an activist, politician, and developer. He was an expert at getting what he needed from the system, reaching the decision makers, and making things happen.

– Alexandra Rutherford, Director of the Jim Green Foundation