Heather Redfern

Treasurer and a Director of the Jim Green Foundation

She is the Executive Director of The Vancouver East Cultural Centre (The Cultch), and has overseen $28 million of capital improvements to the Cultch and York theatres. Her association with Jim Green was both personal and professional; they worked together and were also partners in their personal lives.

Ms. Redfern is highly regarded as a curator who programs a season of 20 – 25 different presentations from the local, national and international repertoires for The Cultch each year. Over the past 11 seasons, the programs have achieved growing audiences and are renowned for their diversity and risk taking. Before coming to the Cultch, Ms. Redfern was the Executive Director of the Greater Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture, a member driven alliance that advocates for the arts. Ms. Redfern was the artistic producer for Catalyst Theatre in Edmonton and was the founding chairperson of Canada’s national theatre festival, Magnetic North. Heather has sat on numerous boards including The Koerner Foundation and The Edmonton Arts Council.

Heather and Jim worked together on several projects including developing a plan to save the York Theatre and raising funds to complete the renovation at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. They traveled together studying urban planning, architecture and attending performances all over the world.