The Jim Green Foundation advances education by providing public workshops, lectures on leadership, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, community development, equality, public health, and economics.

Above: Jim Green with a resident of Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, BC

The Foundation

The Jim Green Foundation was established in 2013 as a tribute to Jim Green and as a means to keep building the inclusive communities that he saw possible.

Who was Jim?

Jim Green was an activist who championed social justice, democracy and the arts, with the vision of a fair, inclusive, and creative city.

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Jim’s Legacy

Jim Green’s work has impacted thousands of Vancouver residents and continues to alter the fabric of the city to this day. These are a few of Jim’s projects which demonstrate a lasting legacy in Vancouver.

Recent Project

He knew how to create a win-win situation and he was very creative in terms of how he put a project together. It was unbelievable how he would get all the right people in the room to actually make something happen.


 – Heather Redfern, Treasurer and Director of the Jim Green Foundation