Alexandra Rutherford

Director of the Jim Green Foundation

She is a principal at Jim Green Consulting, a boutique family-run consultancy dedicated to community and social development. The organization’s mission is to continue building inclusive communities as envisioned by the consultancy’s founder, the late Jim Green. Alexandra is also a manager at Deloitte, providing management consulting services to public sector and First Nations clients in BC.

Alexandra is Jim Green’s daughter. It was Jim’s wish that she continue his work after his passing; in 2011 Jim began formally mentoring her, which led to her becoming his business partner and now his successor. As part of this work, she’s committed to developing a Centre for Social Innovation and Inclusion in Vancouver.

Alexandra appreciates the work that Jim did in developing social and mixed-use housing, championing inclusivity for the economically disadvantaged, and creating cultural programs that improved the lives of thousands in the inner-city.