312 Main – Vancouver’s Centre for Social and Economic Innovation

The former location of the Vancouver Police Headquarters will become a pivotal resource for Vancouver’s economic and social innovation, by nourishing entrepreneurial spirit and linking groups who might otherwise work in isolation from one another.

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The reanimation of this large, vacant building in Vancouver’s inner city will accommodate groups whose interests lie broadly in social justice, technology, the creative economy, and business incubation. Offering a spectrum of spaces and promoting different types of interactions, 312 Main will strengthen civic life amongst tenants and the local neighborhood, while building economic opportunities. These opportunities will create employment, encourage skills development, and leverage the impact created by social and technological innovations.

The building, located in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side at the corner of Cordova and Main, is a 100,000 sq ft and is owned by the City of Vancouver.

Spaces will suit different needs including open offices and coworking desks, maker space and studios, conventional offices, meeting rooms, and vibrant common areas with places for local cooks to feed tenants and their guests. The main floor will be designed to be porous to different ideas and interests, where the public and private spheres can readily mingle through the formal and informal programming. Weaving together a set of values-first tenants, the building will include entrepreneurs applying new technologies, lawyers driving social change, and businesses building neighborhood capacity, all within the context of growing the creative and cooperative local economy.

312 Main will achieve economic outputs and social purpose benefits, fostering an environment for innovation and inclusion.


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For more information visit: www.312Main.ca

or contact: info@312Main.ca